About Lola Bee's

Owner, Sarah Devillier


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I'm Sarah DeVillier and I was raised in the Pacific Northwest where I developed the love of the Culinary Arts.  I moved to Louisiana in 2011, and married the love of my life, Jeff, in 2015.  After a year of good Cajun Food, I had times when I didn’t feel well.  I was later diagnosed with a wheat allergy… this is how Lola Bee’s began.

I've found out the hard way restaurants in this area are still learning about this allergy and don't offer many,      if any, options.  I was already baking as a hobby for myself, family & friends, parties, and anyone who loved my baking.  I studied a whole new way of baking wheat/gluten-free.  Through trial & error and my husband Jeff as the guinea pig, I found out my goodies were as good without gluten... LOLA BEE’S!

Not only are our products local and fresh, they are healthier, cleaner, and with few ingredients you can actually pronounce.  LESS IS MORE!

With the support of Clean Creations adding Lola Bee’s to the menu in July 2014, the Truly Free Chocolate Chip Cookies became the first official Lola Bee’s treat.  Lola Bee’s is now in its fourth year of business and we're delighted to serve the growing population who have wheat/gluten allergies and sensitivities.  We're excited about the future of Lola Bee’s and would love for you to try our local, fresh, wheat/gluten-free treats.

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